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With the changing season and climate now and again, the health of your child is at stake at every instance. Since children are continuously growing from mind and body, the climatic changes can particularly affect a child’s health quickly. We have also witnessed how the weather has steadily been worsening over the years due to global warming and pollution. Thus it is important that you take utmost care of your child’s health and that he/ she is always in a happy state of mind.

A little change in the climate can lead to sudden cold or flu, or maybe worse, such as an unexpected allergy. This is because of the massive spread of viruses due to sudden climate change. Our pediatrician department at Sunrise Hospital is one of the best pediatrician in gurgaon and they have ways of suggesting in how to protect your child from seasonal changes. These are simple yet effective tips that can help you to foster a healthy environment for your child.
Dos and Don’ts
• Water Consumption: The water that your children and you drink is the most important factor associated with your health. It is mandatory to drink and have your child drink as much water as you can during summers to avoid dehydration and other conditions. Not only it is important during the summer season, but should be practiced all year. It can also help in fighting diseases easily.

• Food you eat: It isn’t a new story of not letting your child consume unhealthy and junk food more often. A healthy and balanced diet, including all essential nutrients can help in fighting diseases as well as building immunity to prevent other diseases from entering. Choosing food according to the respective weather can also work wonders. We all know it is tough to feed healthy food to children. You need to experiment to make healthy food tempting, interesting and delicious.

• Regular checkups: It is necessary for you to have your children be checked up regularly for avoiding diseases or preventing any if even minor symptoms occurs. Our pediatric team will make sure that your child’s health will be ensured with precise and regular evaluation in detail.

• Cleanliness and hygiene: Dirty hands are an open invitation to various infections and diseases. Hence it is important to keep your child clean and bacteria free. This can be done by regularly having their hands washed, keeping a sanitizer handy or teaching them the importance in doing so to make it a habit. Bathing regularly is also necessary to maintain hygiene and to keep away germs or infections. Bathing two times during summers is a must. Another important factor is the temperature of the water, which should be warm during winters and cool during summers. Pat dry your child properly immediately after a bath and do not leave your child wet as it can lead to a cold. Keeping your house clean and hygienic can also avoid mosquitoes, which are carriers of deadly diseases. It is extremely necessary to keep your house clean during the monsoons because a huge number of infections can spread during that season.

• Essential medicines and natural ingredients: Natural ingredients in your kitchen such as lemon, mint, ginger, turmeric are all herbal and have medicinal properties. They have been an integral part of Ayurveda since centuries and can work wonders for promoting a healthy lifestyle. They can also boost immunity and metabolism in your child’s body, which is important to fight diseases and infections.

• Physical activity: Make sure that your child plays and stays active most of the time. A lazy body can get ill easily and thus it is necessary to move your body and stay active.